Not FAKE – Earn ₹1 Crore Cash in Vclub App

If you’re looking for trusted and legal colour prediction games, then Vclub colour prediction game is the best legal and trusted platform you have ever visited. 

Like other colour prediction games, Vclub is also the same, but here, you will get some extra options to earn real money, and the best thing is you will get a ₹121 sign-up bonus. Join now and claim the Bonus. 

The Vclub app is a very good platform to earn a good amount of extra money using your mobile phone. We already discussed how to join Vclub. If you still don’t know, check this article.Vclub colour prediction – Get Free ₹121

10 ways to earn money in Vclub app 

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss all the ways to earn money in the Vclub app in detail. Vclub app offers 10 different ways to earn money, and those methods are

  1. Vclub Colour prediction
  2. Referral
  3. Vclub agent crore cash growth plan
  4. Contribution x2 cash growth plan
  5. Luck draw
  6. Daily check-in
  7. Promotion
  8. Careers rewards
  9. Daily rewards
  10. Consecutive sign-in Bonus

Vclub colour prediction

Vclub colour prediction game is the main source of earning. Like other colour prediction games, here we have to predict the color and number. 

Vclub also follows the traditional colour prediction game rules. Vclub also has three colours: Red, Green and Violet 10. The number you can bet any color and number at any time. 

vclub app game dashboard

You have Four servers, Parity, Becon, Saper and Emerd, options to play the game in under 1 minute timeframe. 

The best thing about Vclub colour prediction is you can see the live prediction status of every player, which color they select to bet and the bet amount. 

You can plan your strategy according to this secret information. The Vclub app is the only colour prediction game that provides this. 

Refer and Earn

The Vclub app referral program is the best referral program I have ever joined. Here, you can get up to a 1 crore referral bonus. 

You have to invite your friends and family to join the club app, and if they join through your invitation link. You will get the referral bonus. 

Vclub agent crore cash growth plan

This plan is the best referral program you can join. This growth plan is divided into 8 levels. For every complete level, you will get a cash prize. From ₹10 to ₹1 crore. 

vclub app offers 1 crore cash prize for agents

To complete a level, you have to invite some effective active members to join the Vclub app. For every level, the member numbers are different. 

I have already completed 4 levels, and now I am on level 5, and I got the cash prize for completing those levels. 

You will also get the chance to win a 1 crore cash prize. Don’t miss the opportunity to Join the Vclub app today.

Contribution x2 cash growth plan

I have no words to explain how the Vclub app gives the chance to earn money with the other “contribution x2 cash growth plan”.

vclub app commission structure

This plan is also divided into 8 levels, and you will get from ₹8 to ₹42.8 lakhs cash prize for completing every level. 

This growth plan is working with the referral commissions. For every level, a referral commission is targeted when the target achieved the x2 cash growth plan level is automatically completed, and you win the cash prize. 

More referrals, more commission, and more cash prizes are unlocked. The main task to complete both plans is inviting more and more people to the Vclub app. 

I have already completed two levels. What about yours? 

Luck draw

In the invite menu, you can see a Luck Draw button. For every referral, you will get a Luck Draw bonus. The bonus amount will be ₹1 to ₹180. 

To claim the Bonus, click on the Luck Draw button, and here you can see your bonus amount. This bonus amount will be added to your agent wallet, and you can withdraw it at any time. 

Daily check-in

The Vclub app gives users a daily sign-in bonus. You can claim it once a day in the invite section.


Vclub app gives an opportunity to earn up to ₹5000 per day for promoting the Vclub app on YouTube, Telegram and WhatsApp.

vclub app promotional bonus apply step by step process

You have to create a YouTube video about the Vclub app and promote it on every social media platform. You will automatically receive a bonus based on registered members through your link. 

After publishing the video, you have to submit the YouTube video link and telegram post link in the submit promotional link section. 

Careers rewards

In the reward section, you have options for career rewards. You can claim the rewards for completing some simple tasks like Learn to Recharge, First Share Lifafa, First Recharge rewards, etc. 

vclub daily and careers rewards details

Rewards are starting from ₹2 to ₹2000. After completing all the tasks, the rewards will be automatically unlocked, and the reward balance will be added to your Vclub app account. 

Daily rewards

Like the Careers Rewards, Daily Rewards are the same. You can find them in the Rewards section. Here, you also have to complete some tasks to claim the rewards. 

Some daily rewards are VIP Daily Recharge Bonus, Daily Invite Reward, VIP Daily Investment Bonus, etc. 

7 Days consecutive sign-in Bonus

The Vclub app offers two daily sign-in bonuses. The first one is already discussed. To claim this consecutive sign-in Bonus, first go to My account > Click on sign-in Bonus. 

Here, you will receive a 7-day continuous sign-in bonus for signing in to the Vclub app. After day 7, this Bonus will start from day one. 

Final words 

After using the Vclub app for the last 1.5 years, I have already withdrawn ₹50,000+ cash. Based on my experience, this is the best app to earn extra money without any investment. 

Recharge with a minimum ₹200 to unlock all the features of the Vclub app and refer your friends, family and other members to join the app. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to win the ₹1 crore cash prize 🏆. Thank you. 


Q: Is Vclub a trusted and legal platform for colour prediction games?

A: Yes, Vclub is a trusted and legal platform for colour prediction games.

Q: What is the sign-up bonus for joining Vclub?

A: When you join Vclub, you receive a ₹121 sign-up bonus.

Q: How can I earn money in the Vclub app?

A: There are 10 ways to earn money in the Vclub app, including colour prediction, referrals, and various growth plans.

Q: Can I earn money through referrals in the Vclub app?

A: Yes, you can earn up to a ₹1 crore referral bonus by inviting friends and family to join the Vclub app.

Q: Are there daily bonuses in the Vclub app?

A: Yes, the Vclub app offers daily sign-in bonuses and other daily rewards to users.

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