What is colour prediction game? 

The colour prediction game is online gambling, where you can earn real money by predicting the correct color and number. The user has three options for colors Red, Green, and violet. At the same time, you can predict numbers from 0 to 9.

Many different colour prediction game websites have different types of games but the core of the colour prediction games is the number and color prediction. For every successful prediction, the user gets paid 2x to 9x of his bet amount. 

How to play colour prediction game

Predicting the correct color or number is the only option in this game, the player has to choose a colour from the options of three colors Red, Green, and Violet. And the numbers between 0-9. 

First of all, the player has to register in the game and recharge his game wallet with a minimum deposit amount of that game then he can start betting on the color or number of this choice. 

For every correct prediction on color player get 2x of his bet amount and 9x for numbers. Before placing a bet players have to understand the game. Understanding the color patterns is the only way to win the game. 

colour prediction game dashboard

The colour prediction game result system works in these three patterns.  The Red color and numbers 2,4,6 and 8 are a combination of results.  Color Green, numbers 1,3,7, and 9 are one combination. And the Violet color comes with 0 and 5. See this image for a better understanding. 

How to predict numbers in colour prediction game

In every colour prediction game, there is an option for numbers. You can predict color and numbers at the same time. Select any number of your choice and put the bet amount, you can bet on multiple numbers simultaneously. 

The best way to predict a number is to follow the patterns of colors or numbers. The common pattern in numbers 1 or 7 comes after number 3, when you see number 3 in the results you can bet on number 1 or 7. 

How to predict colour in colour prediction game

Predicting the correct color is a very complicated task. No one can give you the abject prediction but if you follow the patterns and have experience in this game you can find the correct predictions. 

Following the color patterns is the only way to find the correct color. If you do not have time to find the patterns and observe them then you can download our colour prediction game guide. 

This colour prediction game guide can help you to find the correct color and understand the color prediction games market, how a player can win the game, and how the owner can earn money from this game.

which colour prediction game is best

When the question comes to the best color prediction games, we need to consider some points to find the best colour prediction game. I follow these points to find the best game.

  1. Release the withdrawals on time. The game must have to release the customer’s payment within 12 hours. 
  2. The colour prediction game has official contact details for all kinds of queries that customers can contact directly. 
  3. The game has to be more than 50k followers on any social media platform. This is a sign that people trust this game that’s why they follow the game’s social media accounts.
  4. Find the online reviews about the game, fewer negative reviews are a good sign. 

These four points are my method to find the best color prediction game. Here are some best color prediction games that follow all those points.

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is colour prediction game legal in India

If you’re from these six states Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh then prediction is not legal in this state. But according to the Public Gambling Act, of 1867, games of skill are legal in India. Colour prediction games are a kind of skill-based game. 

Prediction is legal in India but putting money in prediction is illegal. colour prediction games are a kind of strategic skill-based game Players have to use their brains to win the game.


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