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What is a colour Colour Prediction Game/App?

Colour prediction games are online prediction games where you have to predict colors and numbers. In some colour prediction games, there are other kinds of prediction games available, like Aviator, Dragon vs Tiger etc. 

In the huge market of online prediction games, it’s very difficult to choose the best colour Choose game. Today in this article, I will provide you with the 10 Best Colour Prediction games in india.

This list is based on my research and five years of experience trying different prediction apps and games to earn money online.

Best Colour Prediction Game in India

When the question comes to choosing a Best Colour Prediction Game, it’s very difficult to choose the right one. Many fraud companies exploit this prediction game industry; they collect money from users and block the player or decline the payment at the time of withdrawal. And there is no easy way to contact customer services. 

Best Colour Prediction Game in india withdrawal proof

I have tried these ten best Colour prediction games for the last five years, and to date, they have released the payments on time and dedicated customer services. You can trust them to join and play all the joining links given below. If you have any questions, please do your research. 

  1. Godrej Mall
  2. Mantri Mall
  3. Lulu Mall
  4. Vclub
  5. Monopoly Jewellery
  6. Daman game
  7. Probo app
  8. Colorwiz
  9. Joymall
  10. Rxce

Godrejmall colour prediction 

This colour prediction app is new in the market. Godrej Mall is Working with the same algorithm. Register now and get a signup bonus. 

Mantri Mall App

Mantri Mall is the oldest game in this prediction game market. They are trusted and secure for a long time. They released the payment on time. 


Vclub is the only colour prediction game that offers a 121 rupees signup bonus. Vclub colour prediction game also provides a new refer and earn plan, “Agent crore cash growth plan”, where you can make money by inviting your friends to join Vclub app according to this plan, if you complete the level 8 Grand Master agent plan, you can win 1cr cash prize. 

Daman game

Daman is the most popular game in this market. Daman game is unique from other prediction apps. In this game, you can play more than 20+ games in different categories, like colour choose game, Dragon vs Tiger, Ander bahar, aviator, slot, fishing, rummy and more. 

Probo app

Probo is not a colour prediction game, but I included this in the list because this game is another type of prediction game called opinion trading. 

In this app, you have to give your opinion on the trending question around the world in Yes or No format, like the Russia and Ukraine war, cricket, movies, youtube videos, football etc. 

If your prediction is correct, you win the game and get rewarded. You can change the predicted amount according to the question, just like the share market. When you buy or sell a stock, you can see two options, market or limit, these same options are available in this app. You can use them at the time of prediction. 

This app also provides a referral program you can invite by inviting friends. Earn upto 200 rupees per invite and get a 1% share whenever your friends win. 

Lulu Mall, Monopoly Jewellery, Colorwiz, Joymall, Rxce

All these games are the same. The main reason to include these games in the best colour prediction game list is that these games released the payments on time. On the other hand, all the games have the same user interface. You can join them by clicking the Join Now button. 

Lulu mallJoin now
Monopoly JewelryJoin now
ColorwizJoin now
WinMoneyJoin now
RxceJoin now

How To Play Games That Predict Colours In India:

Prediction games are based on a simple concept, you have to predict the correct color or number. Based on the game management, you get the winning prize. Some games deduct a 5% transaction fee every time you trade. 

The basic concept of every colour wala game is three colours Red, Green, Violate and ten numbers 0 to 9.

When you trade on colors, you will make 2x or 1.5x of your trade amount. Same as the numbers, you will get 9x or 4.5x returns. 

Numbers and color are divided based on Odd and Even. Odd numbers 1,3,7,9 come with Green. Even numbers 2,4,6,8 are Red numbers. Number 0 is Red and Violet. Number 5 is Green and Violet.

Violet color and 0 and 5 numbers give the half return. 1.5x for the violet and 4.5x if you get 0 and 5 results. 

You can trade on both number and color at the same time. If you predict both correctly, you get the winning price from both trades. 

Best colour prediction game without investment.

Every colour prediction game has a refer and earn program where you can make money without investing any money by referring your friends. All the above colour wala/red-green game has a good referral program you can join for free. 

Referral programs are basically in three levels. When your friends join through your referral code and do the first recharge, you get a 30% commission. The commission Diamond Player provides is up to level three. When you invite someone, you get 30%; when your friend invites someone, you get 20%; when that friend invites someone, you get a 10% commission of their tread and recharge amount.

Pro and Cons

Easy to playAddiction can be happen
Play with minimum 10 rupeesFraud can happen from untrusted websites. 
Get signup bonus
Earn without investment
Earn unlimited daily


What are colour prediction games?

Colour prediction games are online prediction games where players have to predict colors and numbers for a chance to win prizes.

Which are the 10 best colour prediction game in India?

The 10 best colour prediction games in India are GodrejMall, Mantri Mall, Lulu Mall, Vclub, Monopoly Jewellery, Daman game, Probo app, Colorwiz, Winmoney, and Rxce

What is unique about the Daman game?

The Daman game offers more than 20+ games in different categories, including colour choose games, Dragon vs Tiger, Ander bahar, aviator, slot, fishing, rummy, and more.

What is Probo app and how does it work?

Probo app is not a colour prediction game but an opinion trading game. Players have to give their opinions on trending questions and can earn rewards based on their correct predictions.

How can I earn without investment in colour prediction games?

You can earn without investment in colour prediction games through their referral programs. By referring friends, you can earn commissions on their trades and recharges.


At the end of this article, we have the ten best colour prediction games in india in terms of loyalty to the player, releasing the payments on time and based on my experience. All the games are involved in the money-making process, so play them wisely and don’t get addicted to these games. 

Before doing any financial activity in this app, please do your research. We are not responsible for any financial loss, 

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