Daman Bet Mastery: How to Play, Win, and Cash Out!

After doing deep research on money-making games finally found the best website Damanbet.com, don’t confuse the name with Daman games

Daman Bet is the new platform where you can play lots of online games and earn real money. The best thing about Daman Bet is they provide a platform where you can bet on Live Sports.

This ICC cricket World Cup don’t miss the chance to support your favourite team and make some real cash with it.

Daman Bet has a huge list of games, the most popular games are Aviator, Teenpatti, Ludo, slot, fishing, Live sport bet etc. 

To become a member of Daman Bet download the Daman Bet app from the given link below.

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How to Register

To complete the registration process follow the simple steps.

  1. Click here to open the registration form
  2. First, you have to enter a Username
  3. Now enter an alphanumeric password
  4. Re-enter the password
  5. Now enter the mobile number and click get verification code.
  6. Enter the OTP you have received
  7. Click on Register. 

You have successfully registered with DamanBet.com now you are ready to play games and earn money. 

How to Login

After completing the registration process now you have to log in to the Daman bet dashboard, to do that 

  • Open the Damanbet app
  • Click on Login
  • Now enter the Username and Password
  • Click on Login

How to Claim Bonuses

This new gaming platform Daman Bet offer lots of bonus for every task you complete. To claim all the bonuses you have to go to the Mission and Reward option.

These two options are available on the side menu. Click on the menu icon and at the button you can see the options.

daman bet bonuses

Daman Bet offers a Newbie bonus, Daily mission, and Weekly Mission bonuses. 

When you register for the first time you get the Newbie bonus for completing simple tasks like SMS verification, Adding a withdrawal account, Set WhatsApp etc.

In Daily and Weekly Missions you have to complete some simple tasks to get the bonus. Daily missions are reset every day at 12.00 AM and restored with a new task. 

You can get up to 10000 bonus in a day for completing a simple task while playing the games. 

You don’t need to do any extra jobs to claim the bonus once you start playing the games on the Daman Bet app daily and weekly bonus missions will be completed automatically when you achieve the task completion points. 

Weekly missions are reset every Monday at 12.00 AM in a week. 

How to Deposit

To add money in your Daman bet wallet you have to recharge your account. To complete the process follow the steps.

daman bet recharge page
  • Click on the Deposit option on the Top bar 
  • Now select a payment option
  • Enter your Deposit Amount
  • Click on Deposit Now
  • Select your UPI app and it will redirect to the payment app
  • Make the payment and within a second the account is added to your account. 

Using the simple steps you can add money to your Daman bet wallet. Damabet.com also provide a 15% annual interest rate. 

Add more money and get more interest, interest will be applicable to the wallet balance only. Here are the simple calculations of annual interest. 

Hourly Earnings = Interest Balance × Annual Percentage Rate ÷ 365 days ÷ 24 hours

With an annual percentage rate of 15%, if Player A initially had 0 in their interest balance and deposited 10K at 12:30, earnings are calculated starting from 14:00 every hour:

10K*15% ÷ 365 days÷ 24 hours=0.1712

How to play

After completing all the above processes the final question is how to play Daman Bet games. It’s very simple to play the games and earn money. 

Just select the game that you want to play click on the game set your bet amount and go, if you win the game the winning amount will be added to your Daman bet wallet. 

daman bet aviator game

Daman bet has very simple games Like Ludo, Tinpatti, rummy, aviator etc. I don’t think you need a guide on how to play Ludo. 

These are very basic games you already know how to play, the most important game is Live Cricket and other sports betting. 

If you play any betting game like 1xbet or Parimatch then Daman Bet’s Live sports bet is also the same. 

Select your favourite team and you have to predict which team will win the game. If your prediction was right you won the game.

You can also bet on which team wins the toss, odd and evens and more. Daman bet gives the players more room to play the games and earn real money.  

How to withdraw

When you try to withdraw for the first time you have to set a six-figure withdrawal password. 

After that, you have to add your bank account details. Now you are ready to apply for withdrawal.

daman bet withdrawal password setup
daman bet withdrawal process
  • Click on the withdrawal button
  • Select your bank account
  • Enter the withdrawal amount
  • Now enter the withdrawal Password
  • Click on withdrawal

After applying for the withdrawal within an hour the amount will be transferred to your bank account. You can withdraw a minimum of 100 rupees. 

Refer and earn

The best program to earn money without any investment is to refer more and more people to join the Daman Bet app and you can earn for every successful referral without any investment.

 Referral commission structure is based on valid bets, with rates varying for different bet amounts.

daman bet referral bonus

For an example: 

A referred to B1, B2, and B3 – valid bets B1 (120K), B2 (40K), B3 (20K),

B1 referred C1 and C2 – valid bets C1 (100K), C2 (30K),

B2 had no subordinates, 

and B3 referred to C3 – valid bets C3 (3M)

Commission calculations were based on the performance of each member, considering direct and other team contributions.

  • C3’s excellent performance benefits A directly with a higher commission rate.
  • B2, being inactive with no subordinates, has no commission.
  • B3, despite joining late, benefits from C3’s excellent performance, ensuring a higher commission rate regardless of the subordinate structure


Daman Bet Customer care

You can contact Daman game official on Live Chat or you can follow their official telegram channel @lailacercan

You can also contact the Daman Bet official teacher for any kind of help on telegram lailacercan

Last words

At the end of this article, we get all the information on the Daman bet app, how to recharge, withdraw and play the games.

If you still have any queries feel free to leave a comment or contact the Daman bet officials on telegram.

Join Damanbet.com and start your journey to earn money by playing games and referring your friends. Thank you.

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