Lulumall colour prediction game 100% winning Tricks

Colour prediction games are the best way to earn money online quickly. Lulu mall colour prediction is one of those games where you have the option to earn money quickly. 

In this article, I will give you a detailed overview of how you can join lulu mall colour prediction app, and how to play and earn, recharge, and withdraw. 

How to Register 

Like other colour prediction games Mantrimall and Vclub, Lulu Mall also followed the same registration process. Follow the simple steps to complete the process. 

  1. Visit Lulu mall colour prediction official website or Click Here
  2. Enter the mobile number 
  3. Click on the OTP options and enter the OTP received on your mobile number
  4. Enter a valid password
  5. Now enter this code “1662290” in the recommendation code section.
  6. Click on Register and done. 

Once you successfully register you can play the game. Just recharge your lulu mall wallet with a minimum of 500 rupees. 

Remember without the recommendation code you can’t register in the lulumall app so save this number “1662290” as a recommendation code for future reference.

Recharge and Withdrawal 

To recharge in the Lulu Mall app wallet, click the Recharge button on the top of the lulu mall app and follow the steps. The minimum recharge amount is 100 and the maximum is 50,000/-

  • Enter the recharge amount.
  • Now select a payment option
  • Click on recharge 
  • A form will pop up. You must enter your Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID here. 
  • All the UPI payment options are available here select any one of those.
  • And make the payment. Once you pay, the recharge amount will be automatically added to your wallet. 

How to Withdrawal

Before applying for a withdrawal you have to add a bank account or UPI ID details first in the app. Enter the Bank account details or UPI ID correctly otherwise, Lulu Mall officials don’t take any responsibility for any missed payment.

  • First, add a bank account or UPI ID
  • Now go to the wallet section in the app > withdrawal 
  • Enter the withdrawal amount 
  • Select the bank account or UPI ID
  • Enter lulu mall app login password
  • Click on the Withdrawal button 

After applying for withdrawal the withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account within 24 hours. 

How to Play 

Like other colour prediction games lulu mall colour prediction is the same. There are three options color RED, GREEN, and Violate, and 10 numbers from 0 to 9. Here players have to Predict the correct color or number to win the game.

For every successful prediction, the player gets paid. The winning amount depends on the bet amount. If you bet on GREEN and RED the bet amount will be double your bet amount. 

If you bet on numbers, you get paid 9x of your bet amount. If you bet on 0,5 and violet color the win amount will be multiplied by 4.5x. 

The only way to win in lulu mall or any other colour prediction game is to follow the color and number patterns and try to understand the game. 

If you need some guidance on, how to learn the game and understand the color patterns, you can try our colour prediction game guide. 

Customer Care 

Lulu mall colour prediction has telegram customer service. You can contact them with this telegram bot @Lulumalls_Supportbot.

customer care

Lulu mall has two telegram channels for Daily Official Forecasts. Both channel has 900k+ subscribers. @LuluMalls_Lulu_Mall_Official, @Lulumalls_Official_Malls

These two channels do daily 9-time forecasts you can join these channels to follow the forecast.

This are the times of forecast  9:30-AM, 10:30AM, 11:30-AM, 1:00-PM, 3:00-PM, 4:00-PM, 6:00-PM, 7:00-PM, 8:00-PM. 

Last words 

In my personal experience, lulu mall is a trusted colour prediction game, they released my withdrawals on time. That’s the major factor to trust an online money-earning game. 

Lulu mall is very popular among people who are looking for online money-earning apps. it has over 2 million telegram subscribers, if you looking for a trusted online money-earning platform then Lulu Mall can be the best choice for you. 

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