Black Rose Colour Prediction Game – Earn Daily ₹ 1000/-

If you heard somewhere about the black rose colour prediction game but don’t know What is Black Rose game? Today in this article, I will explain everything about this game.

Before telling you what the black rose game is, you need to know the colour prediction game. In these games, you can earn real money by predicting the colour. Most of the games have three colour combinations. You have to predict the right color within 3 minutes. 

In the Black Rose colour prediction game, you must predict the correct color or number to win. Same as Godrejmall, Mantri mall colour prediction app. You can earn a good amount from the black rose app by referring to your friends without investing any amount. Use this Code to Join this colour prediction app. 

How to download Download Black Rose App

Black Rose AppDownload Now
Referral Code2732356
Refer AmountRs.450 / Refer

How to Register Black Rose App

Like other colour prediction apps Godrejmall and Mantrimall, joining this game is very simple. Just follow the simple steps. 

  • Step 1: visit the official site of the BlackRose
  • Step 2: now click on the MY Option below the right-hand side.
  • Step 3: Click on Register and enter the mobile number
  • Step 4: Now click on the OTP button and enter the OTP
  • Step 5: Set a password of your choice
  • Step 6: Here, the Recommendation Code is mandatory. You have to enter this code 2732356 here. With this, you can register.
  • Final step: click on the register

How to play Black Rose Colour Prediction Game

If you have played any colour prediction game before, you don’t need any special introduction on how to play this game. All the games work on the same algorithm. You have to predict the color or number, or you can predict both at the same time within a fixed time frame. 

black rose colour prediction game referral code

Black rose colour prediction game, design is based on the combination of Three colours Red, Green and Violet, 0-9 number 10 numbers. Game time is 3 minutes for each. This is a never-stop game; it works a 24X7 automatic algorithm, and it is automatically reset at midnight. 

The winning price will be different for different colors and numbers. For Red and Green, 2x return what you invest. Numbers 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 gives 9x returns of your bet amount.

Violate gives 1.5x, and 0 and 5 gives 4.5x return. 

Note: I hope you can understand the game, if you want to know how to add money and how to withdraw, you can follow our this article, “How to Recharge and Withdraw”

Blackrose Game Hack and tricks

We must understand the algorithm before applying any colour prediction game tricks or hacks. All the colour prediction games work on a very simple concept. 

Imagine there are a total of 10 players. Three possible games will happen. 

  1. Five players bet on Red, and five players Bet on Green 
  2. Four players bet on Red, and six players bet on Green.
  3. Four players bet on Red. Five players bet on Green, and one player bet on Violet. 

 The 1st game may give the result as Violet because no player bets on that colour. 

In the 2nd game, it may be Red or Violet. Same as in the 3rd game, it will be Violet because the game is designed to make the owner win, not the player. You can’t beat the game. 

There Are only two possibilities to win the game. First, if you think unique from others or follow the patterns, you can win the game by applying the patterns if the above conditions are met.  

The first one is not possible because we are human, we can’t think uniquely from others. Only 1% of humans can do that, but you can apply the second option. 

here are some blackrose game hacks that you can use in the black rose app. maintain Level 7 balance and use 3x betting method to recover the loss.

I already discuss some patterns of every colour prediction game. You can follow these two articles. 

Top 10 colour prediction game number tricks

Top 10 Colour prediction game colour hacks.

Black Rose game Telegram Link

Black Rose colour prediction game has an official telegram channel where the officials broadcast predictions from time to time. You can follow the broadcast to make your prediction easy. This is the easiest way to get the correct prediction and make money, but one important thing is that you have to maintain a minimum 7-level balance in your account. 


How do you play the game Black Rose?

To play the Black Rose game, you need to predict the correct color or number within a fixed time frame to earn money.

What is the Black Rose game?

The Black Rose game is a color prediction game where you can earn real cash by accurately predicting the correct color.

How can I join the Black Rose colour prediction game?

To join the Black Rose color prediction game, visit the official website, register using your mobile number, enter the referral code 2732356, and complete the registration process.

How can I download the Black Rose app?

You can download the Black Rose app by visiting their official website and following the provided download link.

Are there any strategies or hacks to win the Black Rose game?

No, there are no guaranteed strategies or hacks to win the Black Rose game. The game is designed to favor the owner, and winning is based on luck and prediction.


According to this article, we have learned what is Black Rose game is, how to play, how to win this game and more. If you still have questions about colour prediction games, check out our other articles. Follow the registration process, enter the referral code 2732356 and join our Black Rose colour prediction game family today. Thank you. 


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