[Top 10] Colour prediction games number tricks – 100% works

Colour prediction games are one of the best options to earn money online but this is not easy to earn without understanding the concept and tricks. Previously I already explained how it worked and how to win the game. 

In previous blogs, I already explained colour prediction colour tricks and how to bet and win. Explaining different tips and tricks. Like colors, numbers are also predictable, you can now predict the right number and win 9x returns. Today in this article I will provide you with 100% working colour prediction game number tricks. All those tricks are tested by me and it’s worked, understand the trick before use. For any kind of financial loss I am not responsible please apply at your own risk.

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Colour prediction game number tricks

Finally, we have some tricks that work in every colour prediction game. I think you already know how to play the game. You have to observe the game and apply it when it’s applicable. Before applying the tricks you have to remember some points.

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  1. Observed the trend carefully 
  2. If the trend comes for two to three times continuously then the tricks will have a 40% chance. 
  3. Sometimes in some colour prediction games, all those tricks will not work, observe them and apply them at your own risk.
  4. Please add enough funds to bet up to level four, you have to bet on the tricks up to level four if it doesn’t work at once. 

Trick 1

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

In this trick, you have to follow the number three and wait for the moment to see the following trend. If you see the trend and it doesn’t come before then you can go for it and place the next bet on “3” or the green color. 

Trick 2: 

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

Follow the violet numbers 0 and 5. Whenever the numbers 5 and 0 come, observe the top and bottom numbers. If the same number comes on both positions you have to bet on that number in the next game. Especially if the number 9 gets the both, top and bottom positions, then you can bet on 9 in the next game. 

Trick 3: 

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

Here you have to follow numbers 7 and 2, if the numbers make this combination then you have to bet on the “7” number.

 Trick 4: 

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

This trick is the same as the number 3 trick. The only difference is the numbers here you have to follow numbers 3 and 4.

Trick 5: 

As the same number 3 and 4 tricks. Here the followable numbers are 3 and 9.

Trick 6:

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

 As the red, green, red, green combination, 8 and 7 combinations are the same. Just follow the trend and bet on number 7 in the next game. 

Trick 7: 

Here are some special numbers you can follow. Those numbers have a 90% probability to come after the special number for the next four upcoming games.

Special NumberPossible Numbers

Trick 8:  

This trick is the safest method to win the game, here you have to bet on both color and numbers to make the winning chance more accurate. First place the bet on the opposite color in the results, then place the bet on all numbers that came with the color in the previous results, excluding the last results number and 0,5. 

The betting amount will be 4x in color and 1x in numbers. If you play with 10 then place 40 on the color and 10 on each number. 

Trick 9: 

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

In the multiplication trick, you can predict the upcoming number by multiplying the period and price numbers. Take the last two digits from Period and price then multiply them, 1st Period Number X 1st price number and 2nd Period Number X 2nd price number. 

Now add and subtract both numbers. Now you have two numbers. If you have a two-digit number, take the last one from each number you have and those two numbers are the predictable numbers for the next game. 

You can also bet on color if you have any confusion. Remember this trick is not 100% worked all time you have to observe the game properly.   

Trick 10: 

colour prediction game tricks & hacks

According to this trick you have a 98% chance to win the game. You can see the numbers are arranged in two lines 0 to 4 first line, and the 5 to 9-second line. 

You have to see the last result number, if the number came from the first line then you have to bet on all those first-line numbers. Same as if the last result number came from the 2nd line then bet on all 2nd line numbers. 

Example: if you play with ₹10 then bet ₹10 each (1st/2nd line numbers) every time you bet on one line then your total investment amount will be ₹50. If you win the game you can make ₹90, ₹40 profit. Make your calculation and maintain enough money to survive in the last 4 to 5 rounds. 

Note: Remember one thing if you see any of these trends and you are ready to bet on the next number before placing the bet please cross-check the other color tricks. If some other trend overlaps at the same time then you have to bet on both tricks to recover the loss and always maintain enough money in your wallet for 4 to 5 rounds. 

Predict the Colour by numbers 

There are two types of number prediction. you can predict the color by using numbers and you can predict the next number by following the numbers. Here I will explain to you some tricks to predict the color by using numbers. 

Before starting trading always maintain enough balance to play up to levels 4 to 5. All those tricks if they don’t work the first time you have to keep betting for the next 4 to 5 games. 

Trick 1: if you see number 3 in the results you have to bet on GREEN color in the next games.

Trick 2: Number 4 is the sign for the color RED 

Trick 3: This trick is 100% worked and tested after number 9 GREEN color will come in the next 4 games.

Trick 4: Number 8 comes with RED color 

Trick 5: number 6 is the sign for the Violet color, avoid betting when you see this number for the next 4 to 5 games. 

At the end of this article, we have 10 colour prediction game number tricks and 5 bonus tricks to predict the colour by using numbers. Maintaining enough funds and observation is the master trick to win the games. All those tricks worked in every colour prediction game but before use please observe the game. I am not responsible for any kind of financial loss.

FAQ for colour prediction games

How do you make money from color prediction game?

Ans: it’s very simple to earn money in colour prediction games just predict the right color or number from the three color and 10 number combinations. For every right prediction, you will get 2x (color) and 9x (number) returns of your betting amount. 

How does colour prediction game works

Ans: color prediction games work like other prediction games. The owner charges a 5% fee on every bet and the player makes money when he wins the bet.

Is colour prediction game real or fake?

Ans: color prediction game are 100% real but be aware of fraud companies.

How do you make money from color prediction games

Ans: players can make money by simply predicting the right color and number. For every right prediction you will get 2x (color) and 9x (number) returns of your betting amount.


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