Reliance Mall Colour Prediction: Tricks and Bonus

Another color prediction game has entered the market, Reliance Mall Color Prediction.. Join today and grab the opportunity to earn daily โ‚น10,000 extra money.

Reliance Mall colour prediction app comes with a new user interface. Registration and other processes are the same with the other colour prediction games like, Mantri Mall, Monopoly Jewellery etc.

In this article, I will provide you with Reliance Mall color prediction tricks and all the necessary information on how to register, withdraw, recharge, and earn money without any investment. 

Download Reliance Mall app

To download the Reliance Mall app click on the download option. To install the Reliance Mall color prediction app, you need to turn on the “Unknown Source” installation option on your Android phone.

Reliance mall colour prediction invite code1112321
Reliance Mall appDownload
Signup Bonusโ‚น20 

To register in the game, click on the “Register now” button, and you can easily perform Reliance Mall colour prediction login by entering your registered mobile number and password.

Reliance mall colour prediction tricks

I hope you already know how to play color prediction games. Today, I will not teach you how to play. If you don’t know how to play, you can read this article.

Learn How to Play colour Prediction games 

Today I will give you some Reliance Mall colour prediction tricks, you can use them to win the Reliance Mall colour prediction game. 

 Note: You have to remember the most important thing before playing the game.Anytime the admin of any colour prediction game changes the game results. So we have to play when the admin is not available to control the game. 

Trick 1:

The basic thing you have to follow before using other Reliance mall colour prediction tricks, you have to manage this basic thing, Manage Level 7 balance in your wallet, Set your Daily Loss and Win amount and if you have any confusion go with the Safe method

 If you are confused about these three things then you can read this article to understand these basic rules. 

Top 10 colour prediction game hack 

Trick 2:  

Before using this trick observe the game, when you see Number 3 in the results, this is an indication of Green color for the next four trades. 

You can bet on Numbers 1 and 7 if you see Number 3 in the result. But remember one thing first you have to notice some patterns.  If the patterns follow the result, then you can bet on the Green color and numbers 1 or 7.

If the results donโ€™t follow any patterns and give random results then you have to understand that the ADMIN is changing the results. 

Trick 3: 

Based on my experience I have noticed that When you have Number 9 in results then it’s the indication of Green color. 

If you follow my other color prediction game hacks, then you know that I already mentioned it. This color prediction game hack also works with the Reliance Mall color prediction.

Earn without investing with Reliance Mall 

If you’re one of those who wants to earn money with the colour prediction games without any investment then you can do that by referring the Reliance Mall colour prediction game to your friends and family.

reliance mall colour prediction game referral code

The Reliance Mall color prediction app has a very attractive referral program. You will receive a 30% commission if your friend joins through your link.

And you will get paid 20% if your friend invites his friend, If he invites the other one then you will also get paid 10%. 

Join today and refer your friends to join the Reliance Mall colour prediction game to earn unlimited money. 

Reliance mall colour prediction telegram channel 

Reliance Mall colour prediction app has an official Telegram channel. Where they provide customer support and daily prediction podcasts. 

Already 980k+ members have joined the telegram channel. Daily four-time podcast done by admin at ๐Ÿ˜˜10:00AM ๐Ÿ˜˜02:30PM ๐Ÿ˜˜05:30PM ๐Ÿ˜˜08:30PM

For any query, you can contact them on telegram @Rajshree_Supportbot

How to recharge and withdrawal 

In the reliance mall colour prediction game Recharge and withdrawal process is the same as in other colour prediction games. 


  • Click on the recharge option and enter the amount (minimum 100- maximum 50,000)
  • Select a payment method
  • Now you have to enter the Name, Mobile number and Email id
  • Pay the amount by using any UPI app. 
  • After payment, the amount will be automatically reflected in your account. 

If you have any queries and the amount is not added to your wallet then you can contact the admin with this email ID โ€œRoyalgames521213@gmail.comโ€


To complete the withdrawal process in reliance mall colour prediction you have to add your bank details.  

  • Click on “Bank Card” and add the bank account details 
  • Then go to the wallet section and Withdrawal
  • Enter the withdrawal amount > select the Bank Card
  • Now enter the withdrawal password (created at the time of registration).
  • Click on withdrawal

After 2 to 3 hours the withdrawal amount is credited to your bank account successfully. 


Join the Reliance Mall colour prediction game today and play using the hacks and earn unlimited money. 

Remember those important tips that I have provided before playing the game and using the Reliance Mall color prediction tricks. Note to use the tips.


FAQ: What is the referral commission for the Reliance Mall color prediction app?

Answer: You can earn 30% when your friend joins through your link, 20% for their friend, and 10% for the next referral.

FAQ: How long does it take for withdrawal to be credited to my bank account?

Answer: After 2 to 3 hours, the withdrawal amount is credited to your bank account.

FAQ: Are there any specific strategies for playing the color prediction game on Reliance Mall?

Answer: Yes, you can use various strategies like managing your wallet balance, setting daily loss and win limits, and observing game patterns.

FAQ: What should I do if I have queries or issues with payments on the app?

Answer: Contact customer support on the official Telegram channel @Rajshree_Supportbot or email “” for assistance.

FAQ: Can I play the Reliance Mall color prediction game without any investment?

Answer: Yes, you can earn without investing by referring the game to friends and family, utilizing the app’s referral program to earn commissions.




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