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Rajeshmall, a new colour prediction game, just launched in the huge market of colour prediction games. Hello friends, today in this article, I will introduce you to a newly launched colour prediction game Rajeshmall. 

Based on my 6 years of experience in this colour prediction game, I will give you all the information about this Rajeshmall app, how to play and win the game to make Money. 

Remember one thing about these colour prediction apps, when a new app comes to the market, this is the best time to use this app because the owner of the app wants to gain trust in the market. 

Now you have 95% to win the games and get the withdrawal on time. So don’t waste your time, join the Rajeshmall game and earn unlimited Money. 

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How to Register

It’s very simple to register for the Rajesh Mall app. Just enter the mobile number, submit the OTP and be done. Follow the simple step to complete the registration process 

  • Click on the above download app link or visit
  • Now enter your mobile number and click on OTP
  • enter the OTP
  • Now set the password
  • In the recommendation code section, enter this code “2732356”. Without this, you can’t register.
  • Click on Register and done.

Now you are ready to claim the FREE red envelope 🧧. Click on the link above and claim your free Bonus. 

Recharge and Withdrawal 

The recharge and withdrawal process is the same as other colour prediction games like Godrjmall, Black Rose Game, monopoly jewellery etc. 

In the recharge section, you have three payment options WINPAY, WOWPAY and DYPAY. Pay using the upi or QR and submit the transaction id to complete the recharge.

For withdrawal, add your bank account details first. Only bank account withdrawal is available, no UPI withdrawal. 

How to Recharge and Withdraw

You can follow this article if you need any step-by-step process on how to recharge and withdraw in Raheshmall. 

Colour Prediction game Rajeshmall Hack

The most important question for every player is how to win the game in Rajesh Mall. After applying all the personal methods, everyone wants a hack to win the game and earn lots of Money. 

It Is not possible to hack any colour prediction game. You can apply some tips and tricks to win the Rajesh Mall game. 

The best advantage of playing in Rajesh Mall is that this game is new, and it’s time to let this app by using hacks. Because this app is new and trying to build trust in the market, this is the best time for the players. 

Rajeshmall Hack 1

Manage level 5 balance and use 3x investment to recover the loss. Level 5 balance means you have to maintain enough balance in your wallet for 5-level gaming using 3x investment. 

3x investment, you have to increase the bet amount by 3x every time you lose. When you win the game, you have to restart the game from the start. In this way, you can cover the loss. 

Rajesh mall hack 2

The safest and best way to win is the Rajeshmall app. You have to follow their official Forecast telegram channel. You don’t need to find any hack. Follow their prediction and win.

Daily Forecast time: 12:30 am, 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm. Join the forecast and win the game but remember to manage enough balance in your wallet. 

Rajesh Mall Hack 3

I have already discussed some colour prediction game hacks before you can explore them, and in most of the games, those hacks have worked. 

This hack is tested in the Rajeshmall app. Number 9 hack, number 9 is the indicator for GREEN color. There is a 99% chance for the GREEN color in the next four upcoming trades. 

You can trade on the GREEN color for the next four games using 3x investment. 

How to earn Money without investment in Rajeshmall app 

Rajeshmall gives you an opportunity to earn money online without any investment. This app offers a refer and earn program, register using our referral link, and you’re ready to refer your friend to Rajeshmall without needing any approval. 

rajeshmall referral code

When your friends join this app through your link, you get a 30% commission when they do their first recharge. The commission is divided into three levels, 30%, 20% and 10%.

The most profitable is Rajeshmall offers salaries to its agents. If an agent refers and earns 20,000 commissions, the rajeshmall gives him 20,000 extra as a salary means 100% commission. T&c applies. 

If you want to be an Agent in Rajeshmall, you can contact the manager by telegram. 

Rajeshmall customer care 

Rajeshmall has no customer care whatsapp number. They provide customer service through telegram channels. You can contact them on telegram @Mary5758

FAQs for Rajeshmall app

What is Rajeshmall, and how can I earn money from it?

Rajeshmall is a newly launched color prediction game where you can earn money by playing and predicting colors.

How do I register on the Rajeshmall app?

To register, enter your mobile number, submit the OTP, set a password, use referral code “2732356” and click Register.

What are the payment options for recharging and withdrawing in Rajeshmall?

Rajeshmall offers WINPAY, WOWPAY, and DYPAY for recharging. Only bank account withdrawal is available, with no UPI withdrawal option.

Are there any hacks to win in Rajeshmall?

No, there are no hacks to win. Instead, follow the official Forecast telegram channel for predictions to increase your chances of winning.

How can I earn money without investing in Rajeshmall?

Rajeshmall offers a refer and earn program, allowing you to earn commissions by referring friends. There’s also an option to become an agent for additional earnings.

Last words

Rajesh Mall is a new colour prediction game, and it’s a very good time to join this game and earn real Money. Join now and earn unlimited Money. For any queries, you can contact Rajesmall officials in telegram @Mary5758. Thank you.




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